History of Window Screens

Posted by Bill Gould on 24 May 2017 | Comments

What would you do without your screen door, or the screens in your home’s windows? What did people do before these things were invented? You might be surprised to learn that horse hair and cheese cloth played roles in the origins of what we now take for granted.

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Extending Your Home's Living Space

Posted by Bill Gould on 11 April 2017 | Comments

Screened Garage and the Front Porch

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Sunesta Sundrop

Posted by Bill Gould on 30 March 2017 | Comments

The Sundrop by Sunesta: Versatile. Functional. Durable. Beautiful.

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Mike from Sunesta

Posted by Bill Gould on 1 March 2017 | Comments

About 4 years ago Solaris began carrying Sunesta products in our shade solution portfolio. We made the move to Sunesta for 3 reasons:
1. Experience – Sunesta has been a leader in the market for decades
2. Quality – Sunesta products undergo the most stringent durability tests
3. Service – Sunesta stands by their products with a recently introduced limited lifetime warranty and by providing exceptional service.

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Windy Alberta: A place for retractable awnings?

Posted by Bill Gould on 15 February 2017 | Comments

With few natural wind barriers, Alberta is prone to windy conditions. Calgary is one of the windiest of Canada’s large cities. On average, 28 days a year have strong winds (at least 52 Kph). The wind blows at an annual average of 14.2 Kph in Calgary with wind gusts upwards of 100 Kph, and much more at the top of the highest buildings.

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How to Research an Awning

Posted by Bill Gould on 24 January 2017 | Comments

Awnings over decks, doors and windows have been commonplace in Europe for many years. High energy costs for air-conditioning is a major factor in their popularity. As well, European homes often incorporate outdoor living spaces which are greatly improved with awnings.

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Why Do We Like Fire?

Posted by Bill Gould on 10 January 2017 | Comments

Almost everyone agrees that sitting around a fire is a relaxing, pleasurable experience. Because this appeal seems universal, it’s easy to believe that our fascination with fire is instinctual.

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What to Expect in 2017

Posted by Bill Gould on 3 January 2017 | Comments

A Google search for ‘2017 predictions’ quickly provides long lists of gloomy, bizarre or outright terrifying possibilities for our new year. At Solaris, we take a more pragmatic and positive approach. As we consider what to expect in 2017, this is what catches our eyes:

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Happy Holidays!

Posted by Bill Gould on 20 December 2016 | Comments

The salutation ‘Happy Holidays’ has become embroiled in the conversation around being politically correct. The term does, however, lend itself well as an effort to capture a period that contains several holidays, Holy Days or other observances.

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Get Ready for Winter

Posted by Bill Gould on 13 December 2016 | Comments

Winter officially starts next week on December 21, coinciding with the Northern Hemisphere’s Winter Solstice. To be precise, in Alberta it will happen at 3:44 am. This is the astronomical method of marking the seasons. Astronomically, Spring starts with the Equinox in March, Summer starts with the Solstice in June, and Fall with the Equinox in September.

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