History of Awnings

Posted by Bill Gould on 1 November 2016 | Comments

An awning is defined as “a sheet of canvas or other material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a storefront, window, doorway or deck.” Synonyms include: canopy, shade, marquee, sunshade, brise-soleil, cover and blind.

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Solutions, Not Products

Posted by Bill Gould on 25 October 2016 | Comments

At Solaris, we talk about providing screen and shade solutions to our customers. What do we mean by solutions? Aren’t we just selling products, such as screens and awnings?

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Be Outside

Posted by Bill Gould on 19 October 2016 | Comments

For many of us, the concept of the ‘olden days’ include a lifestyle where people spent much more time outside than we do today. Work and play was more often outdoors, than in. Is it just a coincidence that over time, our typical house sizes have been increasing, while the average amount of time we spend inside, is also increasing?

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Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble till you wobble

Posted by Bill Gould on 6 October 2016 | Comments

Solaris is a company providing screen and shade solutions.Solaris is also a group of people. We are people working together for our customers, our fellow employee and the long-term sustainability of Solaris. We are people with personal lives, goals, challenges and accomplishments.

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Awnings Calgary - Sun Rises in the East and Sets in the West!

Posted by Carla Nixon on 4 May 2015 | Comments

It’s true and if you are considering an awning, Calgary’s sun and where your deck is located is crucial.  An eastern side deck gets that lovely morning sun and a western side deck takes advantage of those long summer nights!  Either way, if you have one of these  exposures, sometimes the sun is at such an angle that it can be bothersome. It can shine right in your eyes, or right in your window causing your Calgary home to heat up like a lightbulb!  The formula:

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An Ounce of Prevention: Calgary - Retractable Awnings and Solar Shades

Posted by Carla Nixon on 24 March 2015 | Comments

Keeping cool in our Calgary summer is an achievable goal, but doing so economically and with your ‘carbon footprint’ in mind is a much loftier goal.  So how is this attainable?  

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Retractable Awnings Calgary: Will my Solaris Retractable Awning Corrode in Calgary’s Crazy Weather?

Posted by Carla Nixon on 10 March 2015 | Comments

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Fear Not! Despite Calgary’s rapid temperature changes; brutal cold winters or intense dry summer heat, your Solaris Calgary - Retractable Awning will not corrode!  Wow, that’s a relief and it’s an important consideration because Calgary’s climate is EXTREME!  Let’s look at the 2014 weather facts from the ‘Weather Spark’ website at:  https://weatherspark.com/history/28433/2014/Calgary-Alberta-Canada

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Retractable Awnings: Calgary’s Wind, No Problem!

Posted by Carla Nixon on 4 March 2015 | Comments

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So you would like a retractable awning but you are concerned about the Calgary wind? Scared that you will come home in a wind storm and find a limp fabric jumble entwined in a metal montage in your neighbour's backyard? Well, a retractable awning with a motion sensor is for you!  

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Awnings Calgary: Solaris at the Calgary Home & Garden Show

Posted by Carla Nixon on 26 February 2015 | Comments

Awnings? Calgary is cold today! It’s the end of February and we can’t wait for Spring to hit Calgary!  Officially it begins at the end of March so technically, it’s less than a month away.  Looking outside however,  I see light snow falling and kids bundled up in snowsuits heading to school.  Ugh!  There is a saying that states, “If March comes in like a lion, it will leave like a lamb!” So let me check the forecast:

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Window Awnings Calgary: Goodbye 1950s - Hello 2015!

Posted by Carla Nixon on 17 February 2015 | Comments

Do you remember window awnings? Calgary circa 1950s…. Yes, back in the 1950s and 1960s, it was fashionable to install awnings on the windows of your family home.  The look was considered modern and yes, these window awnings were effective in keeping Calgary homes cooler in the summer. This was, back in the day when A/C wasn’t a common luxury in the typical Calgary home.  Let’s face it though, running an A/C unit is expensive!  Not only that, it’s not considered ‘green’ by any stretch of the imagination.  Calgarians recycle, ride their bikes to work, frown on pesticides and eat organic. Calgary folks like to reduce their carbon footprint.  Calgarians want to know that their consumer purchases are not going to contribute to global warming.  How can a Calgary consumer ensure their home is cool in the summer yet still be ‘green’?  Solution: Window Awnings! Calgary consumers want to be green both environmentally and in the pocket book!  Solaris, a company right here in Calgary offer many window awning options to keep your Calgary home cool. Window awnings to improve the exterior look of your home sweet home without robbing too much of that green from your wallet!

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