Phantom® Screen Doors: Premium Retractable Screens

Phantom® retractable door screens revolutionized the industry when they were introduced twenty years ago. This might seem like a tall claim for a screen door, but not after you've seen a Phantom® in action. All but invisible when stowed away and hardly obstructing your view of the great outdoors when in use, these retractable screens truly are the best doorway insect barriers around.

Northern Alberta is Solaris Canada's Phantom Screen service area
Phantom® Screen Doors: Premium Retractable Screens

Retractable Door Screens | Features & Benefits

It's not just their innovative design and function that make Phantom® retractable door screens such a popular premium option. They're the best fit for almost any doorway for a variety of reasons.

  • Versatility. Phantom® screen doors can fit a set of French doors opening onto your balcony, or a kitchen door opening onto your back porch.
  • Variety. Choose from one of Phantom's® signature colors, a custom color, or even wood grain finishes to match your door screen with the existing decor.
  • Performance. Sturdy yet sleek and low profile, easily sliding into place or out of sight, Phantom® retractable screens live up to their name in terms of power and near-invisibility.
  • Function. Phantom® door screens can block insects, provide shade against strong sunlight, and keep your neighbor's prying eyes out of your home's interior.


Models Available

The Professional

The retractable screen that started it all. The Professional is Phantom's® original door screen, introduced over 20 years ago. This retractable screen uses a magnet system to secure the door when in use, and can easily be retracted with a pull of the handle. The well-named Professional does the job of a screen door with style, and gets out of the way when the job's done.

The Legacy

Introduced in 2012, the Phantom® Legacy retractable screen is similar to the Professional in style and quality, but offers a latching handle mechanism instead of the Professional's magnets. The latch and release system is the very first of its kind, and is easy to use and secure against accidental opening. Available as a brand new installation or as an upgrade to a previously installed Professional door screen, the Phantom® Legacy retractable screen will be a welcome addition to your home.

Signature Colors

Phantom retractable door screens come in eight ready-to-order Signature colors.

Custom Colors

Phantom® retractable screens are also available in almost any custom color, including a variety of Decoral® decorative wood grain finishes and a variety of Premium and Luxury custom color options. Phantom® has also developed a comprehensive color program to blend your screen solution with any color scheme. All we need is a sample color swatch to create a retractable screen door frame that fits your home's decor.

Please contact us for additional details on this process.



Phantom Door Screen
(single unit)
Max 48″
Max 36″
78″ to 100″
100 1/8″ to 120″
Phantom Door Screen
(double unit)
Max 96″
Max 72″
78″ to 100″
100 1/8″ to 120″

*Maximum sizes are determined by the height and width ratio

We ensure your complete satisfaction by customizing our screens to each home, and providing expert installation by experienced Phantom® professionals. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty provides you additional peace of mind.

As Northern Alberta's only Phantom® Screens Authorized Distributor, we can help you choose the best door screen option for your doorway and budget.


Please call us for a quote, at 780-440-2183.

We would be happy to provide you with specific pricing details, depending on the type of screen you need, as well as selected installation, components, finish and mesh options. Prices may vary by geographical location. 

Technical Data

Phantom Door Screens can be designed to fit a variety of doorways, making them a seamless add-on to your home.
We can work with you to create a screen solution that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Detailed Drawings are available in PDF format.

Drawing TitlePDF
Phantom Door Design Specifications
 - External Assembled View
icon pdf
Phantom Door Design Specifications - Detailed View icon pdf
Phantom Aluminum Sill Adapters - Details of the top sill, break sill, out sill, inside jam sill, trim sill, 2" sill, and V2 trim icon pdf
  • All files © Phantom Manufacturing (Int’l) Ltd.

Additional drawings are available on the Detailed Technical Drawings page.


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