Phantom® Executive Screens: Motorized Retractable Wall and Window Screens

If you're looking for a top-quality living experience, there's nothing like custom-built and expertly installed Phantom® Executive motorized retractable screens. With a single unit capable of covering a window or open area 25 feet in length, Executive screens can provide shade and privacy for any window space or convert an entire porch into an insect-free haven, all at the touch of a button.

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Executive Motorized Retractable Screens | Features & Benefits

In addition to the sheer cool-factor of barely lifting a finger to lower a roomful of shades, the Phantom® Executive screen solution gives you plenty to brag about. Whatever you're hoping to get out of—or keep out with—your screen, the Executive will exceed your expectations.

  • Aesthetic Acrobats. Whatever the decor of your room or the boundary between your indoor and outdoor spaces, Phantom® Executive retractable screens can be made to match.
  • Compelling Camouflage. Executive housings and tracks can be surface mounted or recessed into cavities, creating the custom look you've always wanted.
  • First-Rate Functionality. The Phantom® brand is built on innovative design and high quality materials, and their motorized retractable screens are no exception. You can expect years of flawless performance from your Executive screen.
  • Powerful Performance. Your Phantom® Executive motorized screen can provide shade, form a see-through barrier against insects, enhance your privacy, and depending on the mesh type you select, can even reduce your air conditioning costs and energy use by keeping your house cooler in hot weather.


Signature Colors

Phantom retractable door screens come in nine ready-to-order Signature colors.

Custom Colors

Phantom® retractable screens are also available in almost any custom color, including a variety of Decoral® decorative wood grain finishes and a variety of Premium and Luxury custom color options. Phantom® has also developed a comprehensive color program to blend your screen solution with any color scheme. All we need is a sample color swatch to create a retractable screen door frame that fits your home's decor.

Please contact us for additional details on this process.


Phantom® Executive screens can be custom-built to fit openings up to 25 feet wide and 16 feet tall, and can also be used in smaller windows and openings. These retractable screens are ideal for residential, commercial, and even retail applications, and make the perfect addition to any renovation or construction project.

Please refer to the chart below for maximum and minimum size dimensions for each of the available Executive housing sizes.

4" Housing 45" to 120" Max 96"
5 1/2" Housing 46" to 240" Max 132"
7 1/8" Housing 46" to 300" Max 192"

*Smaller widths are available on Special Order.

Installation Options

Phantom® Executive retractable screens can be built into new structures or during renovations, and can also be attached to existing structures. Building project customization allows an Executive screen solution system to merge perfectly and all but invisibly with your other design elements. Executive Screens can be integrated into every type of architectural style including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, and concrete.

Technical Data

Phantom’s motorized Executive Screens can be designed to fit a variety of large openings, making them a seamless add-on to your home. We can work with you to create a screen solution that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Drawing Title

Executive Design Specifications — with Standard Track (External Assembled View)   icon pdf
Executive Design Specifications — Manual System with Standard Side Track (V2A) (External Assembled View) icon pdf
Executive Design Specifications — System with Recessed Side Track (External Assembled View) icon pdf
Recessed Roller Placement Details - Minimum Cavity Size for 4" Roller     icon pdf
Recessed Roller Placement Details - Minimum Cavity Size for 5" Roller   icon pdf

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Additional drawings are available on the Detailed Technical Drawings page.

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