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Fixed or retractable, motorized or manual, shading a small window or covering an entire patio, awnings are a great shade solution for almost any home. With the models, styles, and color selections available from Sunesta®—the only awning manufacturer we think is worthy of our Solaris customers—we guarantee you'll find an awning that meets your needs and matches your aesthetics and current styling choices.

Awnings for Every Application

Want to shade an entire wall, large porch, or patio? The Sunesta and the Sunstyle are both excellent retractable awnings that can cover large areas. The Sunlight, too, is great for smaller and mid-sized patios and outdoor areas. For individual windows, the Sunbrero comes in three basic shape categories that can be custom-fit to your windows and architecture, while the Sundrop provides maximum shade for your windows and interior with or without the SmartCase option. With more than 180 fabric choices for each of our awnings and other options, as well, you'll easily find an awning that fits your space and aligns with your aesthetics.

Retractable Awnings Are Your Fair Weather Friends

All of the Sunesta®-made awnings we sell and install can be retracted with an optional pull-up system if not with an included motor or other mechanism. This is ideal for helping your awning provide years of shade during the summertime while keeping them secure and protected during the harsh Alberta winters. Retracting your awning during winter storms and other periods of bad weather keeps the fabric looking fresher and prevents undue strain on your awning's frame. Wind, rain, and snow aren't friends to any outdoor elements, and though our awnings are designed specifically to stand up to our northern climate, even they can be damaged by high winds or heavy precipitation and debris. That's why we are proud to offer our awning maintenance services with every awning we sell.

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The Sunesta - 40' wide x 14'8" projection

Available up to 40' feet wide and 14'8", The Sunesta is the biggest awning on the market and can be customized with over 150 different fabrics and many other option.


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The Sunstyle - 40' wide x 11'6" projection

The Sunstyle, with widths up to 40' and projections of 11'6", is one the most versatile awnings around. Its perfect for almost any home and can have features like retractable front screens, wind sensors and full cassettes to protect the fabric.

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The Sunlight - 25' wide x 10' projection

The Sunlight awning is made to be affordable but still offer the stability and craftsmanship you have come to expect from Sunesta. With widths up to 25' and a projection of 10', this awning will extend your living space dramatically.

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Solaris is proud to be the exclusive Phantom Screens distributor for northern Alberta, as well as the Alberta distributor for several other outdoor living products. By partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, we are able to bring our customers the highest quality and customer service on the market. With a wide variety of products available customized to suit your needs, Solaris will help you find the perfect solution for your home.

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