Awning FAQ

How long does it take from order to install? All of our awnings are custom made and take approximately 3 weeks from the time an order is placed until it is installed.

Do I need a hood cover? If your awning is to be installed directly under an eaves trough or soffit then a hood cover is typically not needed. If the awning is to be exposed to sunlight and weather a hood cover can extend the life of the fabric.

How much UV protection does the awning offer? Our fabrics have been tested and proven to provide up to 98% UV protection from the harmful effects of the sun when used in shade applications. This protective factor is inherent to the product and will not be reduced by usage and/or fabric exposure to the sun.

Do I need a motor for my awning? A motor offers ease of use and is required if a wind sensor is needed. Research has shown that motorized awnings are used 4 times more often than a manual control. All our motors come complete with a convenient plug-in cable (no hard wiring is required) and a wireless remote control which will work up to a hundred feet away even through the walls of your home.

What color is right for me? This is really a matter of personal taste. All fabrics provide the same shade although a darker fabric will appear darker underneath where a lighter fabric will appear lighter. UV is absorbed at the same levels, light or dark.

What material are the frames made of? A combination of injection die cast, gravity die cast and extruded aluminum make up the framework of our awnings and ensure rust and corrosion will never be an issue. All aluminum components are then powder coated for a lifetime of strength and durability.

Is the fabric waterproof? Our acrylic fabrics are water-resistant, not waterproof. Because they are woven, they are highly breathable, allowing the fabric to dry quickly with only air exposure. Another advantage to the acrylic fiber is that it will not support the growth of mildew. The fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon finish, which enhances water repellency, meaning a light to medium rain will not allow water to penetrate.

Do I need a permit for an awning? No. Permits are typically not needed for residential awnings, however if your residence has a condo board or architectural controls you may require approval.

How is the fabric treated? All fabrics featured in our awning collection are 100% solution-dyed, acrylic fabric. The colors in the fabric are dyed into the fibers so that they can't fade or run. In addition to their inherent long-lasting durability, all our fabrics are covered by a 10 year warranty.

How do retractable awnings save on energy costs? A 2007 study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota concluded that awnings can save homeowners up to 25 percent on energy costs. The reason? Because awnings result in cooling energy savings by "reducing direct solar gain through windows." In addition, according to the Department of Energy publication, Cooling Your Home, awnings block up to 90 percent of solar heat that is absorbed through windows.

What does TÜV mean? All four Sunesta Retractable Patio Awnings we offer including The Sunesta, The Sunstyle, The Sunlight and The Sunflair are designed with consumer safety in mind. These models have been tested by TÜV, an independent organization headquartered in Germany with regional offices in North America. In English, TÜV means Technical Surveillance Association. TÜV tests automobiles, computers, medical devices and other types of consumer products. Because of the large demand and popularity of retractable awnings in Europe, TÜV also tests retractable awnings for safety and reliability. It's the only independent testing agency in the world that provides this function. In addition to the Sunesta models and parts being tested, our facility is inspected by TÜV every year (a certificate of this inspection is available upon request). The inspection is necessary to ensure that we are using the parts that were actually approved.

There is another organization associated with retractable awning ratings called CE. This organization does not perform any testing or inspections, it just creates guidelines (wind classes) for rating retractable awnings. Awning manufacturers are then left to voluntarily determine which wind class rating applies to their products without any independent testing and confirmation.

What mounting options are available with our retractable awning? Our awnings offer wall, ceiling, and roof mounting options. Plus, we can assist with mounting solutions beyond our standard mounting suggestions.

What warranty do we offer? Depending on the model a homeowner selects, we offer a warranty of up to 15 years on the frame; up to 10 years on the fabric; and 5 years on the motor. For more information regarding the warranty for a specific model, please refer to the products portion of our website.

How many fabric options are available in our custom fabric line? In our current fabric selection, we offer 193 exclusive fabric patterns for homeowners to choose from, encompassing both solid and striped patterns. In addition, we also offer a selection of 22 choices for our bindings, and 10 choices for our SmartDrop valance fabrics. We can also order hundreds of other acrylic fabric brands, on a special order basis.

What projections do we offer? We offer projections ranging from 3'4" up to 14'8", depending on the model you select.

Do we offer any other products besides patio awnings? Yes, we offer shade products for your windows, doors, open spaces and for skylights and sunrooms.

How long have our awning suppliers been in business? Sunesta has been owned and operated by the same family since first opening our doors for business in 1981. Before that, Sunesta's founders owned a custom fabric awning shop and worked on a number of commercial fabrications and installations across the United States.

As a pioneer in the American retractable awning industry, Sunesta takes much pride in our proprietary engineering innovations and manufacturing machinery and software. We are dedicated to offering best-in-class technology for our awning systems.

What optional features are available with our awnings? There are many options to choose since each of our shade products are custom made just for you. You can add a motorized drop valance, an aluminum hood, an aluminum SmartCase, a remote-controlled motor, automatic sun and wind sensors, consumer adjustable pitch controls and much more.

What are the factors I should consider when purchasing an awning? By scheduling an in-home consultation with one of our sales representatives, you'll take the first step toward learning how an awning will benefit your home and lifestyle. A few questions to keep in mind while meeting with a shade expert include: What outdoor space are you looking to shade? How large of an awning will you require, including width and projection? How will the awning be attached to your home - roof, soffit or wall mount? What fabric color or pattern are you interested in? What type of options should I include for my needs? What type of warranty comes with the awning model you select? What is the timeline from the time you place the order to the time of the install?

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