Sunbrero Awning

Sunesta made a name for itself with its large, motorized retractable awnings primarily intended for outdoor shading, but they bring the same quality materials and craftsmanship to doorway and window awnings like the Sunbrero. A selection of shapes, sizes, and colors ensures you'll get the cooler windows and doorways you want in a style you'll enjoy.

Rectangular-shaped Sunbrero awnings offer the greatest shading versatility, able to cover widths from 1.5' up to 24' and projections 16” to 5'. Elongated dome and round awnings can also be custom-built to fit most doorways and windows, and more than 180 fabric choices give you even more customizability. Frames remain almost entirely hidden, and are available in silver anodized or brown flex paint. Optional pull-up kits enable you to stow your awnings away in high winds and heavy snows.

With a 5 year warranty on both fabric and frame, the Sunbrero is a sturdy window and doorway awning you can trust. With regular awning maintenance from the expert service team at Solaris, the life of your awnings can be prolonged even further.


Sunbrero Awning | Standard Features

Optional Features

Styles & Sizing

Style Ribs Projection Width
Sunbrero Rectangle Rectangular 2 from 16” up to 36” from 1’6” up to 24’
3 from 16” up to 48” from 1’6” up to 24’
4 from 16” up to 60” from 1’6” up to 24’
5 from 16” up to 60” from 1’6” up to 24’
Sunbrero Dome Elongated Dome 2 from 24” up to 36” from 5’ up to 15’
3 from 24” up to 36” from 5’ up to 20’
4 from 24” up to 48” from 5’ up to 20’
5 from 24” up to 60” from 5’ up to 20’
Sunbrero Round Round 2 from 2’ up to 5’ from 4’ up to 10’
3 from 2’ up to 6’ from 4’ up to 12’
4 from 2’ up to 7’ from 4’ up to 14’
5 from 2’ up to 7’ from 4’ up to 14’

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