Sundrop Awning

If you want a window awning to provide shade for your interior, prevent your furniture from fading, and protect your pocketbook from the high costs of air conditioning, nothing compares to the Sundrop. Small in stature and sleek in operation, this sly motorized or manual retractable awning packs plenty of sun-blocking punch in its compact frame.

Offered in a standard model or with a SmartCase™ for greater protection when retracted, the Sundrop can come as small as 2' across and as large as 24' (16' with the SmartCase) and can project outwards from 2' to 5'. Adjustable arms let you control the angle of your awning and the level of shade it provides, and optional wireless controls via handheld remotes and/or auto sensors means your Sundrop can be fine tuned with just the push of a button—or even without it! More than 180 fabric choices and four neutral-toned frame options keep your exterior look consistent and stylish while protecting your interior from unwanted heat and brightness. 

All retractable Sundrop awnings from Sunesta come with a 10 year warranty on the fabric and a 5 year warranty for the motor and awning frame. Combine that with Solaris' stellar service including ongoing awning maintenance, and you can confidently enjoy your awning for years.


Standard Sundrop vs. SmartCase Sundrop

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