LightWeaves® Exterior Solar Shades

There are plenty of reasons to love Lightweaves Exterior Solar Shades. They can enhance your privacy, reduce glare, keep your house significantly cooler, and keep your air conditioning costs considerably lower. With the elegant appearance and custom-fit of these exterior shade screens, both the inside and the outside of your home will have the look and feel of comfort and quality that every homeowner deserves. Lightweaves Exterior Solar Shades provide shade without blocking your view of the outdoors, giving you the best of both worlds.

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LightWeaves® Exterior Solar Shades | Features & Benefits

There are plenty of choices when it comes to exterior shade screen solutions, but Lightweaves Exterior Solar Shades lead the pack for a variety of reasons:

  • Visibility and shading options. Available in six different colors and in weaves from 5% to 10% openness, Lightweaves exterior shade screens let you decide how much shade and privacy protection you want and how well you'd like to keep your outside view preserved. To allow more indirect light inside, you can also select reverse roll installation.
  • Protect your interior. Furniture, rugs, photos, and art all fade in direct sunlight. Exterior shades in darker colors and with tighter weaves provide maximum light and heat protection.
  • Color choices. In addition to the six fabric color choices, Lightweaves Exterior Solar Shade components—including the optional cassette valance, come in a selection of available colors.
  • Convenience. The Continuous Loop Lift System makes it simple to raise and lower your exterior shade screens, and optional brackets can hold your deployed shades securely in place for long-term, worry-free shading and privacy.
  • Conservation. Since Lightweaves Exterior Solar Shades stop the sunlight before it even hits your window, they offer significant advantages when it comes to keeping your house cool and your energy use and costs low.


Cassette Valance
This cassette valance comes in 2 sizes: Medium (3 5/8") and Large (4 5/8"). Color options are white, vanilla and brown.

Reverse Roll
With this option, you can reverse the fabric to roll over the tube to the front instead of the back. Rolling it to the back (standard) is recommended for maximum light control but the reverse roll will allow the fabric to be projected away from the window. Not available with Cassette Valance option.

Color Components
Choose the color of components that matches your house and choose a different color for the fabric. When a cassette is selected, the color of the cassette will be the color of all components. Available in White, Vanilla and Brown.

Continuous-loop Lift System
The clutch on this system holds the shade steady without the cord loop changing length at all.

Hold-down Brackets
These brackets secure the bottom rail of the product to the patio frame or window sill. This ensures safety and convenience. convenience and are available at no additional cost. Exterior shades must be retracted during poor weather conditions.

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