LightWeaves® Interior Solar Shades

Stay cool and stylish with Lightweaves Interior Solar Shades, which come in a range of colors and options to ensure you get exactly the look and light you need for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Add some privacy, reduce glare, and even reduce your air conditioning costs with the pull of a cord.

LightWeaves® Graber Interior Roller Shade

LightWeaves® Interior Solar Shades | Features & Benefits

With two different control options—the Continuous Loop Lift System and the Cordless Loop System—and a variety of styling choices, your new custom-made and professionally installed Lightweaves Interior Solar Shades will be a perfect fit for your windows and your decor. Light and shade control is also entirely up to you, giving your shades just the right impact on your interior spaces.

  • Custom sizes. Our expert crew will measure your interior window frames and custom build an interior solar shade to fit almost any window, including corner and oblong windows.
  • Custom colors. The Lightweave material comes in 55 different colors, so you're guaranteed to find the right shade for you.
  • Housings to fit your home. To store your stowed solar shade and its rolling mechanism, choose from the built out fascia frame for near-invisibility or one of many valances and cornices to match your moldings or other details.
  • Light options. Lightweaves Solar Shades come in varying weaves, from 1% to 25% openness, allowing you to select the level of transparency and shade provision. You can also opt to reverse your shade's roll to allow more indirect sunlight into the room.
  • Finishing touches. Get a grip on your interior shades with a selection of bead chains for Continuous Loop solar shades, and tassels or hem grips for Cordless Loop shade systems.

Keep the sunlight where and how you want it with Lightweaves Solar Shades. Compare them to any other internal shade option, and it's easy to see the difference.

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