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Enhance home security, achieve total privacy, and completely block light and heat from entering your windows with fully retractable Talius Roll Shutters custom-fit and installed by the experienced professionals at Solaris. These aren't your traditional shade solutions, nor are they the industrial-looking security roll shutters you might expect to find on urban shop fronts. With customizable color and design options, Talius Roll Shutters will keep your home secure, stylish, and so much more.



Talius Roll Shutters | Features & Benefits

Most acts of vandalism, home break-ins, and burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Talius Roll Shutters, when down and locked in place, are an excellent crime deterrent and provide other benefits, as well. With both manual and motorized operation available, you get the functionality you need and all the benefits you could ask for.

  • Keep it cool. Because they completely black out your windows, roll shutters prevent almost all unwanted heat from entering your home. Leave your shutters down during the day while you're away at work for a sense of security and a nice cool home when you return.
  • Keep it hot. Close your shutters when you're running your heater on cold winter nights and even during the day—especially when the sun isn't shining on your windows—to keep the heat inside where you want it.
  • Major savings. Reduced cooling and heating needs means energy conservation and reduced utility costs. Plus, you'll likely see a drop in your homeowner's insurance thanks to the security benefits of Talius Roll Shutters.
  • Customized security. Talius Roll Shutters are custom-built for every project from roll formed aluminum with a polyurethane/hard resin core to extruded aluminum. Available in several standard neutral tones or more than 1800 custom colors, these shutters are the peak of durability and design.

Total shade, total privacy, increased efficiency, and protection for your windows and everything behind them. From harsh sunlight to winter storms to roaming miscreants, Talius Roll Shutters keep your home comfortable and secure against all unwanted intrusions.


There are several security features that put Talius Roll Shutters head and shoulders above the competition. Manual or motorized, these retractable shutters can make any house a fortress.

  • Tested against excessive force
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