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Soalris Shade Shelters

With the diverse selection of shade shelters available at Solaris, you can shade almost any outdoor area you want. Whether you want additional shade on top of an existing structure, over an area adjacent to your home, or somewhere completely different, we can customize a shade structure to meet your wants and needs.

Sunesta® Motorized Retractable Shade Shelters

Solaris is proud to carry motorized retractable shades from premium awning and shade shelter manufacturer Sunesta. Each offer full wireless control from a hand-held remote, and can also be connected to automatic wind and sun sensors for deployment or retraction in direct response to the weather or time of day.

The Suncover sun shelter adds an extra layer of shade and sun protection to existing structures such as sunrooms and pergolas, and can even be installed over skylights to reduce interior brightness and glare. Similar to the Suncover, the Sunplus can be installed with wall mounts or as a free-standing, building-adjacent shade shelter. The Sunplus also comes equipped with aluminum side rails for added support and rain gutters to provide fabric protection.

For a completely free-standing shade shelter solution, Sunesta's Shadespot can bring up to 600 square feet of shaded space to any area in your yard. Still fully motorized and retractable, the Shadespot offers big sun protection yet makes itself a small target for high winds and nasty weather.

The ShadeFX and the Shadeside

For protection against both sun and rain, the durability of the ShadeFX is phenomenal. Easily attached to a pergola, arbor, or other existing structure, the ShadeFX comes in both manual and motorized options. The vertically-mounted Shadeside provides shade from lower-lying sun angles and privacy from the prying eyes of your neighbours, then tucks neatly away and out of sight when not in use.


Solaris is proud to be the exclusive Phantom Screens distributor for northern Alberta, as well as the Alberta distributor for several other outdoor living products. By partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, we are able to bring our customers the highest quality and customer service on the market. With a wide variety of products available customized to suit your needs, Solaris will help you find the perfect solution for your home.

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