ShadeFX Shelter

Wind resistant retractable shade shelter

It's no illusion—the ShadeFX is the undisputed king of durability. Designed to withstand the strong winds that gust about tall buildings and mounted to an existing pergola, trellis, and even arches or angled structures, you can be confident that your retractable shade solution will outlast the Alberta weather. With motorized, rope-drawn, or manual installation options, the ShadeFX also offers your choice of convenience, practicality, and affordability.

Three different models of the ShadeFX are available, all supported and controlled by a patent-pending central monorail drive beam that helps the rain drain to the sides. Able to cover very large areas (up to 44' to a side) and custom designed for your specific space, each model is also available in a variety of colors to match your structure's architecture and your exterior decor.

A five, eight, or ten year warranty comes with every ShadeFX retractable shade shelter installed by Solaris, depending on the model you select. The Weblon/Ferrari options are also fire-resistant, which provides additional protection to your exterior structures and your home. With ongoing service from our professional team, you'll be able to enjoy your sun and rain protection for many years to come.


ShadeFX Retractable Shade Shelter | Fabric Options

SunbrellaHarbor TimeWeblon/Ferrari
Water Resistant
Waterproof Waterproof
Hundreds of color options 13 colors Dozens of colors
Solid or stripes available Solid colors Solid Colors
10 year warranty 5 year warranty 8 year warranty
Non fire resistant Non fire resistant Fire resistant

Mounting Options

Below Rafters

  • Limited coverage by beam and post locations
  • Manual, rope, or motor drive options
  • Must be retracted during winter
  • May not clear all accessories
  • Unchanged height of pergola or structure
  • Canopy drop allows for less headroom clearance

Above Rafters

  • Full coverage to edges of rafters and beams
  • Rope or motor drive options
  • Covered if retracted
  • Clears all accessories
  • Adds 7" to height of frame
  • Does not affect headroom

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