Shadeside Shelter

Vertical Retractable Shade Screen

Traditional awnings and shade shelters are great when you're dealing with overhead or high-angled sunlight, but they don't do much for low-lying glare or your neighbors' gaze. Get some added shade and privacy with the Shadeside, a vertical retractable shade screen that walls out unwanted light and looks when you need and retreats to near-invisibility when you don't.

The Shadeside's sleek profile makes it a real space saver, giving you the ability to partition your outdoor space without losing any of it, and the flexibility to retract it and let the light shine. Able to fit openings up to 6'6" high and 13' wide, we will custom-fit your shade screen using one of hundreds of acrylic and decorative solar screen fabric choices. Shadeside frames come in white, beige, clay, or brown, and the protective housing keeps your shade out of sight and out of the Alberta weather.

After professional installation by our Solaris service team, you'll enjoy a 5 year warrantee for your retractable shade's frame and a 10 year warrantee on the fabric. The sturdy Shadeside will keep UV rays out and your privacy protected for years.


Shadeside Vertical Retractable Shade Screen | Standard Features

  • Cassette for 360 degree total fabric protection
  • Safety pin to lock front bar in place
  • Caster to assist with projecting and retracting
  • Grooved housing to seat front bar safely into cassette
  • Batten in seams strengthens fabric to prevent rollover

Optional Features

  • Wall bracket with rattle free seal
  • Angle bracket for side mounting
  • Multiple post options for custom mounting
  • Subterranean mounting options

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