About Us

What We Are
Our vision is to be a company dedicated to providing our customers with a lifestyle and an experience, not just a product. We enrich the lives of our customers by bringing the “wow” to their indoor and outdoor living experiences, and in return our customers become our best promoter.

Who We Are
Keeping Albertans cool and comfortable is what our team at Solaris does best. Solaris is a blend of two prominent companies: Phantom Screens of Northern Alberta and Solaris Products. Phantom Screens of Northern Alberta has been in operation since 1992, offering the Phantom Screen line of retractable screen products. Solaris Products was founded in 2001 and offered a competing brand of retractable screens and sun control solutions. Uniting in 2008 under one name and continuously expanding the product line along the way, these two companies bring a wealth of industry and customer service experience to the outdoor products world.

What We Do
It all starts with superior products and fantastic service. We’ve done our research and only bring the best and most innovative products to our clients – no exceptions. Our range of products can be combined in an infinite number of ways to create a solution that works for any home or business space. We’ll work with you to design a strategy to achieve that feeling, and keep your home looking great at the same time.

From our offices in Edmonton, Calgary, and Grande Prairie, we provide unmatched services that create solutions you’ll be thrilled with for years to come. We truly believe in our people, our products, and the positive effect they’ll have on your home and your lifestyle, and you’ll find that enthusiasm at every level of our business. Customer satisfaction starts with a company that cares enough to ask the right questions, and we strive to do so with all of our potential customers.  

What We Promise
We promise to use our experience and expertise to provide products and services unmatched by any others, keeping your house cool and insect free using innovations that reduce your eco-footprint. We are dedicated to introducing and providing industry-leading solutions that are not only functional; they will enhance your lifestyle and your home.


Solaris is proud to be the exclusive Phantom Screens distributor for northern Alberta, as well as the Alberta distributor for several other outdoor living products. By partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, we are able to bring our customers the highest quality and customer service on the market. With a wide variety of products available customized to suit your needs, Solaris will help you find the perfect solution for your home.

Why Solaris?

Quality & Versatility

A solution-based company offering high quality customizable products

Passionate & Leaders

Dedicated to providing leadership in our company, market, people, and our community


Over 20 years experience in the screen and shade solution industry