Functional Steel Sculptures

Our awnings, screens, and shade solutions can greatly enhance the look of your outdoor areas, and a piece of Fire Pit Art® from artist Rick Wittrig can completely transform them. Imagine the magical warmth and camaraderie of a traditional fire pit turned up tenfold and you'll have an inkling of how these unique sculptural creations will transform your outdoor space.

Rick Wittrig

Artist Rick Wittrig doesn’t design your run-of-the-mill fire pit. In fact, no one else makes a fire pit quite like him, meaning you’ll have a rare look whether you opt for one of his many existing designs or decide to have something custom-made for your specific vision of outdoor paradise. Drawing inspiration from celestial bodies and the natural world all around us, Wittrig’s fire pit creations always make an instant impression.


A custom-designed piece of Fire Pit Art® is only a phone call away, but you may enjoy these pre-made designs, as well. For more information about these designs or to learn about the custom design process, please contact our office.