Exterior Shade Screens

Exterior Shade Screens are vertical retracting screens that mount to existing structures to shade living spaces and windows. We aim to provide Edmonton with screens that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our screens can help your home be more comfortable and energy-efficient. We are industry leaders in Alberta and can service any part of the province.

We have two screen systems: the side retention system, and the cable guided systems. Our side retention system shades are locked into place. Our side retention system locks the shades into place using a captured edge zipper; this allows us to create large spans of mesh that can better withstand wind. Our cable guided shade screen systems allow you to make the most of your space, keeping it feeling open and airy while providing shade from the harsh sunlight.


Side retention system

Shades that are locked in

Side retention shade and screen systems are custom made and designed to lock in the mesh using a captured edge zipper system. This allows us to do bigger spans and helps keep the fabric tight so that it can better withstand the wind. Is great on windows to block out UV rays, as well as on patios to block wind and bugs.


Cable guided system

Shades using cables

Fresh air and sunshine are part of what make your outdoor living spaces so great, but too much sun can make them difficult to enjoy. With the Cable guided retractable shade screens, you can make the most of your covered outdoor areas and help keep your home’s interior cooler, too.


Side Chain


There are plenty of reasons to love Lightweaves Exterior Solar Shades. They can enhance your privacy, reduce glare, keep your house significantly cooler, and keep your air conditioning costs considerably lower. With the elegant appearance and custom-fit of these exterior shade screens, both the inside and the outside of your home will have the look and feel of comfort and quality that every homeowner deserves. Lightweaves Exterior Solar Shades provide shade without blocking your view of the outdoors, giving you the best of both worlds.


Energy Efficient

exterior Solar
Shade Panel

Custom built by Solaris, Solar Shade Panels are made to fit windows of any shape or size. They will block 80-90% of the solar radiation coming into your home, significantly reducing interior temperatures and protecting surfaces from sun bleaching or heat warping. They can be permanently attached, or fixed to be easily removed for the winter. These screen panels will keep the look of your current windows, block the sun and maintain the view.

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