Canopy Shade

In some applications, a little bit of shade goes a long way. A large, permanent awning or shade shelter might be too much of a good thing, or might simply not be practical for the area you want shaded. If that's a dilemma you're facing, then there's nothing like the convenience, portability, and flexibility of a high quality shade umbrella.

At Solaris, of course, you won't find anything but the best. Our shade umbrellas are built to last and designed to impress. A range of sizes, shapes, colours, base options, and functions will help you stay cool and out of the sun while enjoying your home's best outdoor spaces.

The Perfect Trio of Shade Umbrellas
You can choose from three types of shade umbrellas here at Solaris, each available in a variety of styles and options that guarantee a good fit for your home and the beauty of your outdoor areas.

Auto Tilt shade umbrellas offer the greatest ease and flexibility when it comes to providing shade for outdoor dining and other get-togethers. Even lounging alone or getting some gardening done is made easier with these easily-adjusted umbrellas. Use the easy-to-reach, easy-to-turn crank to achieve the direction and degree of tilt you want, and get shade where you need it.

Collar Tilt shade umbrellas are also easily adjusted, and can withstand prolonged heavy use a touch better than their Auto Tilt cousins. Loosening the umbrella's "collar" allows you to manually tilt the umbrella's shade in practically any direction, providing consistent shade as the sun moves across the sky or adjusting for your group as you move about your patio.

Cantilever shade umbrellas give you the performance and flexibility offered by other shade umbrellas, but with the umbrella post completely out of the way. Unobstructed shaded area is a must for some spots and an advantage almost anywhere, and because the umbrella canopy can rotate a full 360 degrees around its cantilevered post, your umbrella will be able to reach it all!

Cantilever - AKZ

Offered in several sizes, our Cantilever Collection is the perfect solution to your search for a larger umbrella. The AKZ is full of features and function including side to side tilt and 360 degrees of swivel – which guarantees that you will get shade where you want it.

  • Sizes range from 9' to 13'
  • Offered in both square and octagon styles
  • Optional valance
  • Tilt & lock feature
  • Available in bronze or black finishes
  • Various fabrics to choose from
  • Included base (or optional mount kit option)