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It’s true and if you are considering an awning, Calgary’s sun and where your deck is located is crucial. An eastern side deck gets that lovely morning sun and a western side deck takes advantage of those long summer nights! Either way, if you have one of these exposures, sometimes the sun is at such an angle that it can be bothersome. It can shine right in your eyes, or right in your window causing your Calgary home to heat up like a lightbulb! The formula:

Glass+Sun = Heat and Deck+Rising/Setting Sun = Headache

But Solaris Calgary can solve this problem for you, or at least we can give you a new formula:

Deck + Awning with Smart Drop + Sun = Relief and Deck + Awning with Smart Tilt + Sun = Relief

Either formula works, let’s talk about these formulas. Exactly what are ‘Smart Drop’ and ‘Smart Tilt’ and how do they turn heat into relief? Let me explain!

The awnings we sell here in Calgary at ‘Solaris Calgary’ offer many options. The Smart Drop is one option that you can have added that will give you that extra shading you need when the Calgary sun is either rising or setting. Typical awnings extend out and offer sun protection to the area below the awning. But what about when the sun moves past the area below the awning? This usually happens in the Calgary early morning or the late afternoon when the sun rises or sets. The sun is at such an angle that the typical awning fails to offer you protection. This is when Solaris’ Smart Drop is your solution. Smart Drop is a retractable valence system. When your awning is extended and the sun goes past the horizontal area of protection you can roll down the Smart Drop valence as pictured below:

This valance has a crank (manual or motorized) and it lowers down in increments to where you need it. How cool is that? Sun protection from sunrise in the East to sunset in the West! When you no longer want the valance extended, just crank/retract it back.

But there’s yet another option - ‘Smart Tilt’. This option allows your awning to tip from straight horizontal to an angle where it can offer protection. Just like this:

Tilting your awning like this means you can extend the area where the awning is providing protection.

Let us show you the best option for your own personal space, right here in sunny Calgary! Our informed sales staff would be happy to discuss the various options and price points! Make your Calgary home a ‘Home SWEET Home’!