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Calgary Shade Solutions?  Really?  I realize that it’s February and in the winter you don’t normally consider protecting yourself from the sun, but do you realize that Calgary is the sunniest of all Canadian large cities?  Just ‘Google’ it! I did and I found out all kinds of interesting facts about Calgary and the amount of sunshine we get each year.  Apparently since we are sunniest of all of Canada’s large cities we get around 2400 hours of sunshine each year.  Do the math, that means that just over half of our daylight hours are sunny!  So, even though it’s February, consumers should be thinking about how they can protect themselves and their Calgary property from the damages of the sun. Shade solutions are a real issue.

Searching for products that can protect you, your family and your Calgary property should be high on your ‘to do’ list.  There are many products on the market that can provide sun protection and give you shade solutions.  Awnings are one way to provide you and your family with shade protection.  Retractable awnings are great because they provide you with sun when you want it, and shade protection when you need it!  Crank or power, both provide an excellent shade solution.

Fixed screens on windows and decks are another option. ‘Solaris’, a company right here in our city, offers real Calgary Shade Solutions. They manufacture and carry their very own ‘Solar Shades’ and these are ‘made-to-measure’ screen panels that can be installed directly on to your windows and other house openings.  These panels stop the damaging rays, prevent the fading of furniture and reduce your cooling/AC costs in the summer.  The woven mesh used in these shades block 80-90% of the Calgary sun’s damaging rays before they enter your windows and your home.  You can have these mesh panels installed on windows, doors, decks, and patios.  The mesh product is a strong vinyl coated polyester that blocks UV rays but it is also easy to clean and maintain with mild soap and water. Why not consider putting these panels on your Calgary home or use them in combination with other shade solutions to create a deck enclosure/area that can extend your summer? Your own little piece of paradise…..

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love our Calgary summers? And summer is less that 5 months away!  But who is counting?