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Screened Garage and the Front Porch

For some of us, the garage is a place to store stuff that we rarely use – sometimes so much stuff that our cars are parked on the driveway.

For others, the garage not only serves as a place to park our vehicles, but it’s also a workshop, den, arts & craft studio or even a lounge area (the ‘man cave’).

One of the big complaints about the front attached garage is the barrier it creates between neighbours. Door opens, car enters, door closes, neighbour disappears. Many articles have been written lamenting the long lost front porch, which allowed neighbours to see each other, creating a sense of community.

Increasingly, the attached garage is an extension of the home’s living space. Being able to use this space with the garage door open creates a wonderful indoor/outdoor environment with a connection to the community. A retractable screen mounted on the garage has several benefits:

• Keeps the inside of the garage clean from leaves and other debris
• Keeps bugs out of the garage and house
• Allows fresh air to circulate
• Provides an open view of the driveway and street
• Depending on fabric selection, provides daytime privacy


Along with the trend of screening the garage is the resurgence of the front porch. And, as in days gone by, screening the front porch created a comfortable outdoor living space free from windblown debris and bugs. With today’s variety of fixed and retractable screens and a wide selection of mesh fabrics, homeowners can screen their porches and garages specific to their needs and tastes.

Extending Your Home's Living Space-porch screen

Join the trend towards enjoying the front porch and converting the front attached garage into a living space. Call Solaris today to find out how retractable screens can work for you!