How to Get a Quote for a Retractable Awning

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For those who are unfamiliar with the vast amount of options an awning can have, the process of getting accurate pricing to have one installed can be overwhelming. Therefore, we thought we’d write up a bit of information on the available options we offer that will hopefully help you determine what it is that will work best for your home.

Once you have determined that a retractable awning is the solution for you, the next step is choosing what features you want added to it. Our sales team can assist you with the process, but some questions you can ask yourself would be things like:

  • What size of area are you trying to cover? How wide does the awning need to be and how far out does it need to come?
  • Would you like it motorized or manually operated? Usually this is dependent upon your budget, but it can also be a preference too. 
  • What direction do you face? If the height of the sun changes throughout the day, you may want to consider our adjustable pitch option that would allow you to change the slope of the awning on your own. Another option is our retractable front valance that would drop down from the end of awning when it’s out, creating a room-like feel. 
  • Are you in an area where the awning would be exposed to wind? If so, our wind sensors are a great feature to add as they automatically retract the awning when wind picks up, giving you piece of mind if you have to run into the house and leave the awning extended.
  • Where is the awning being mounted? If it is not in a sheltered area, a hood or fully enclosed cassette would keep the fabric clean and protected. 

Please note that not all options are able to work together (ex. A wind sensor can only be added to a motorized awning), but we will do our absolute best to customize your order to suit your needs.

To receive an estimate for one of our retractable awnings, please contact us using the information provided on our Contact Us page, or by filling out the Request a Quote form. If you have any pictures of the area the awning would be installed in, you can also send those in via email for us to take a look at.