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We recently read an article on the 10 Steps for Developing Your Company’s Core Values.

In the article it describes a process of incorporating management’s personal values together to create your company’s “Core Values” and it got us thinking. Who are the individuals that make up Solaris and are our personal values reflected in that of the company?

Curiosity got the best of us and we decided to dig up personal profiles that were done as part of a team building exercise a while back and compare those to our company values. Here is what we found:

Management’s Personal Profiles

Company Values

  • Bring a fresh outlook
  • Promote and maintain harmony within the team
  • Ingenuity and imagination
  • Build and maintain relationships
  • Build healthy, effective relationships
  • Forthright advocate to the team
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Improvement, Growth, Progress
  • Leadership

Here at Solaris, we strongly value the relationships we have with not only our internal team, but our customers as well. Since most of our business is referral based our customer’s opinion of us and how we handle their unique circumstance(s) is vital to our success. Another key component to our success is constantly looking outside the box. It is a competitive market and if we do not have the will to adapt and improve as we grow, we may as well pack up and head home. These values are engrained into our company, our management, and our employees.

What are your company’s values? If you asked your employees or coworkers what their personal values are, would like coincide with the beliefs of the organization?