Phantom Screens: A Story of Success

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Phantom Screens A Story of Success

Most classic success stories start with humble beginnings, and the story of Phantom Screens is no different.

The first version of a Phantom Screen emerged out of a single car garage in Abbotsford, BC in 1992. This novel approach to a screen door provided homeowners with screen protection that was ‘there when you want it, gone when you don’t’. The retractable screen remains hidden and protected while not in use, and is easily and quickly extended when desired.

Within a few short years, Phantom Screens were being distributed in Australia and New Zealand.

Maintaining its spirit of innovation, a redesigned version of the Phantom Screen was released in 1996, giving customers an even more durable and reliable product. And while ongoing product improvement is critical to business success, companies must do more to stick around for the long haul.

Phantom Screens had to look for new and effective ways to get to market and by the end of the 1990’s had redeveloped its brand strategy and was available throughout Canada via The Home Depot. Because Phantom Screens are customized to each application, a local distributor or dealer is always involved with installation. This reliance on local service providers ensures the highest level of customer service and satisfaction required for Phantom screens to be a long term sustainable leader in the industry.

Solaris is the Phantom Screens distributor for Edmonton and Northern Alberta. We are the hands and feet on the ground that bring Phantom Screens to life for businesses and homeowners. We provide excellent service to customers directly, and indirectly through our network of dealers.

Entering into the new century, Phantom Screens took a major developmental step into the world of motorized retractable screens. From this point on, Phantom Screens were not restricted to doors. With ‘The Executive’, Phantom Screens became entire screen wall systems protecting outdoor living spaces from bugs, wind and sun.

As the range of retractable screen solutions expanded, so did the Phantom Screen facilities with the completion of a 45,000 sq ft office and manufacturing plant in Abbotsford. This was a tell-tale sign that Phantom Screens was one of BC’s fastest growing companies. Partnering with Lowe’s for distribution throughout the United States was significant part of this growth.

The product innovation did not stop, earning Phantom Screens the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2001. In 2005 Phantom Screens frames became available in limitless colour matching options and Phantom’s Serene Screen was launched as a retractable window screen solution.

As Phantom Screens continued its growth, it did not lose site of values. Fundamentally, Phantom Screens is a serving organization, striving to be a faith friendly company. As just one expression of this value, in 2006, Phantom Screens partnered with World Vision to renovate and expand a school in Senegal. $102,000 was raised for this project!

In 2009, Phantom Screens added a double door retractable system for larger openings as well as a new line of DIY screen doors. Further improvements were made to the motorized Executive Screens and Professional series door screen.

An all new version of the retractable door screen was launched in 2012. The new Legacy door features an ergonomic and intuitive ‘latch & release handle. The Prestige screen was also released for custom wood window applications.

Product improvements, strategic partnerships and industry awards continue to tell the Phantom Screens story up to today. Just one exciting part of the story was the recently completed Idea Home in Mobile Alabama, where Phantom Screens CEO Esther de Wolde was part of the restoration of a classic Southern home. The project showcases Phantom’s entire product range.

Solaris is proud to be part of the Phantom Screens family and we are excited to a part of this every developing success story for years to come!