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You’ve seen them on store fronts, food counter windows and people’s homes. Here are nine reasons to consider roll shutters for your property.


1. Insulation

Whether you are trying to block out the cold or the heat, roll shutters provide effective insulation in four different ways:

  • Solar Block: Roll shutters stop 100% of UV radiation from reaching your windows – this is the most effective way to stop the sun from adding heat to your home.
  • Wind Block: When the wind begins to howl, roll shutters will make a major dent in stopping drafts, and keeping cold air from blowing across windows. The less your windows freeze, the less heat from your home will be transferred to the windows.
  • R-Value: Roll shutters are constructed with materials that reduce heating and cooling costs of your home. The roll shutter curtain adds an effective layer of insulation.
  • Air pocket between shutter and window: In line with the same principle that makes double-paned glass such an advantage for windows. Roll shutters create a ‘dead’ space of air in front of the window. This airspace adds insulating value to the window – that is to say, another layer of protection.

2. Weather Protection

  • Wind block: Wind just doesn’t bring drafts, it can also carry dust, dirt and objects like tree branches. The strength of roll shutters will keep that material off your window and out of your house.
  • Hail: Alberta is susceptible to storms often bringing very large hailstones, which can cause significant damage to your property. Roll shutters keep these balls of ice off your windows.
  • Water: In the form of driving rain, water can ultimately find a path around your windows and into your house. Water can also simply be a build up of condensation around windows, which can lead to toxic mold, and wood damage. Roll shutters go a long way to keeping heavy rain and condensation away from your windows.

3. Privacy

Not only are roll shutters great at blocking undesirable weather, they prevent unwelcome eyes. At the push of a button, you can block any view into your home, while maintaining the attractive look you want, on both the inside and outside of the window.

4. Security

Whether you are looking for increased peace of mind at night, or you want to keep your property secure when you are not there, you can trust the sturdy design of roll shutters to protect against forced entry or vandalism. Ask your insurance company about the value of roll shutters!

5. Noise reduction

Exposure to noise can seriously impact our health and the leading cause of noise in our cities is automobile and aircraft traffic. Noise creates tension, stress and sleep disturbance leading to psychological and physical illness. People particularly sensitive to noise include shift workers, night workers, children and migraine sufferers.

Roll shutters provide excellent noise insulation, creating a calm and peaceful environment. This allows better sleep with improved physical and mental health.

6. Blackout

For some, blacking out a room completely is the only way to get a good night’s sleep. The darkness (and silence) provided by roll shutters are ideal in this situation. Blacking out windows is also desirable for your theatre room!

7. Design

All roll shutters are not created equal. The type of curtain you choose will depend on the purpose of the roll shutter (i.e., weather protection vs vandalism). Choices are also available to suit the aesthetics of the application. Good choices regarding the colour of the roll shutter and how it is mounted (surface, recessed, etc.) will ensure a beautifully finished look to your home or building. Depending on the application, attractive business logos or mural paintings on the roll shutters can add a lot to the look of the entire building.

8. Compact

The way the retracting curtain rolls up saves a great deal of space, and when the roll shutter is retracted all the way, it can be completely hidden from view using recessed mounting techniques. Windows, entrance ways, counter enclosures and even garage openings all benefit from more open space when roll shutters are used. Have you ever wished the open garage door didn’t block the garage ceiling?

9. Durability

Made with light and durable materials for long lasting protection, roll shutters are designed to minimize breakdowns or maintenance issues. Our professional installation is an efficient process and results in long lasting, worry free operation.

At Solaris, we research the market and choose the most reliable, top quality products for you. Talius roll shutters have been produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Salmon Arm, B.C., for over 30 years. Talius has customers throughout North America and the Caribbean. Their market experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, drives their product to be second to none. Solaris’ top notch installation team will ensure that you receive the quality and service you expect.