Solaris in the Economic Downturn

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Solaris A reliable, sustainable business

Alberta’s current economic downturn, shortly following the global downturn in 2008/09, has been described as one of the most severe in Alberta’s history. Needless to say, this is having a significant affect on those directly related to the oil & gas industry: office and field workers, landlords, service providers, etc.

The slower economy is also being felt by those not directly involved with oil & gas, as many Albertans, by necessity or by choice, are limiting their spending.

At Solaris, we place a high value on long term business sustainability. We are staying here for our customers and for the people who make up the Solaris team. And while we’ve noticed a shift in purchasing patterns in the market, we’ve been focusing on what we can do to position ourselves for success – preparing for the inevitable economic upswing.

Most importantly, we maintain our focus on providing exceptional customer service. This involves continually reviewing our internal processes, raising the bar on the quality of customer interactions and always looking for ways to make sure that our products and installation services are of the highest quality.

We’ve already seen results of our efforts. Our business measurements and our clients are telling us we are on the right track. As we approach the end of 2016, we are ramping up our efforts to prepare for a busy and successful 2017.

We are optimistic about the coming years, confident that we have strategies in place that help ensure sustainable and long-term success. Increasingly, there is prudent confidence about how Alberta’s economy will do in 2017. We are excited about the possibilities!