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Solaris A reliable, sustainable business

At Solaris, we talk about providing screen and shade solutions to our customers. What do we mean by solutions? Aren’t we just selling products, such as screens and awnings?

There is a vast difference in approach between a company focused on selling products to customers, and a company focused on providing solutions to customers.

If Solaris Canada were a product oriented company, we would be happy for customers to simply place an order, and for us to deliver and install the product. But, as a solutions oriented company, we are very curious about what is behind the customer’s consideration of that particular product. This curiosity starts a conversation about what the customer ultimately wants to accomplish.

For example, a customer may want to buy a 12’ X 11 ½’ awning, because their patio is 12’ X 11 ½’. Our solutions focused curiosity will get us into a conversation about when the customer typically wants to use the patio, where she actually wants the shade to fall, the orientation of the patio, and location of doors and windows. This conversation often brings to light important criteria the customer had not even considered. This allows us to provide the shade that the customer really wants, instead of simply an awning over the patio.

With a focus on solutions, the team at Solaris stay in a positive, pro-active and creative frame of mind. Our sales representatives have creative conversations with customers, and our installers take a positive approach to problem solving, making sure that the customers get what they really want. As described by Daniel Horgan in Huffington Post, 4 steps to developing a solutions approach are: attitude, focus/analysis, creativity and action to results.

Samuel Bacharach describes how a solutions approach drives success, for a company like Solaris. We leverage the expertise of our colleagues, we’ve put processes in place to support a solutions base culture, we have strong relationships with a variety of best-in-class suppliers, team work and collective results are recognized, and we take a consultative approach with our customers. That is, we want to be trusted advisors.

Yes, we sell screen and shade products – really good ones, but the true value of dealing with Solaris comes from our solutions approach. It’s the solutions approach that ensures we surpass our customers’ expectations. Contact us to learn more.