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Solaris A reliable, sustainable business

At Solaris, we are continually reviewing our products to make sure we are offering the best solutions for our customers. In 2012 we added Sunesta products into our portfolio.

We were excited about the Sunesta line of awnings for a few reasons:
• Versatility: a variety of features spread out over 3 grades of frames: the Sunlightthe Sunstyle, or the Sunesta
• Qualilty: TUV certification (an independent testing organization based in Germany)
• Durabiltiy – Wind tests: meeting specific Floridian building codes for wind tolerance

Since becoming Sunesta’s dealer for Alberta, we’ve benefited from their support, reliability and best practices shared amongst their network of dealers across North America.

Your Solaris representative will help you design the awning best suited to your unique application. The considerations include:

The minimum width is 5’3” and the maximum width is 40’, cut to the nearest inch for you.
The maximum extension is 14’8”, and you can open your awning to any portion of it’s max.

Sunesta awnings can be mounted 3 ways:
• On the wall of your home
• Under a soffit / roof overhang
• On the roof

Smart Options include these features:
• Smart Hood – protects the fabric roll when mounted on wall or roof
• Smart Case – offers more protection than Smart Hood with 365° protection around fabric roll
• Smart Drop – an extendable valance off the front bar of awning, blocking the sun when it is low in the sky
• Smart Tilt – each arm can be easily tilted, independent of the other, so that you can adjust your awning to the position of the sun, or direction of desired water run-off
• Smart Fold – allows even narrower awnings to have the extension you want. One arm folds under the other as the awning retracts

In addition to the above Smart Options, your Solaris rep will help you choose:
• Frame colour
• Fabric colour and pattern
• Valance colour, pattern, edging style and size
• Operation: manual or motorized, wired or wireless control, hand-held or in-wall switch
• Optional sensors (to protect from wind, or connect to your smart home systems, for example)
• Ideal mounting location and height

At Solaris, we value trust. We back up our installation services with a 2 year warranty. On top of this, Sunesta offers a 12 year to lifetime warranty on the awning frames, 10 years on the fabric and 5 years on motors.

Stop by a Solaris show room in Edmonton or contact us and arrange for one of our representatives to visit your home for a no-obligation consult.