Sunesta Sunplus - Motorized Retractable Shade Shelter

Whether placed over an existing structure, wall-mounted to your home or installed as a free-standing structure, the Sunplus is up to the task of providing protection from sun and rain to keep your outdoor space comfortable. This top-of-the-line motorized retractable shade shelter available from Sunesta is ideal for withstanding the Alberta weather for most of the year and is easily retracted during winter snowfalls and storms.

Solaris is proud to provide coverage for pergolas in Edmonton and Calgary. The Sunplus Retractable Shelter is one of our solutions for protecting you from the sun and weather. It is a system that can be stand-alone or mounted atop an existing structure- such as a pergola, skylight, or sunroom. A single unit can have up to a 23-foot width with a 16-foot projection. You can also attach multiple units side-by-side to provide maximum coverage of your space. The Sunplus also has a gutter system to regulate rain run-off properly. We want to provide the best coverage for pergolas in Edmonton and Calgary.

Optimized Outdoor Spaces with Premium Shade Solutions: Retractable Awning.


Picture a lovely day outside of your home in your patio, sharing with your loved ones or perhaps receiving your customer’s when they stop outside of your business. It sure sounds delightful, but when the sun rises, it all seems to fade. Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you that isn’t the case when you count with our shade solutions, one of them being retractable awning.

Solaris offers retractable awning grade-A products as well as installation services so that you can fully enjoy and take advantage of your outdoor spaces while keeping you and your loved ones or clients comfortable and protected against the sun.

With retractable awning you get to modify your outdoor spaces as you much as you need and with the numerous advantages of our products, you’ll get a tailored solution that won’t let anything stop you from having a great time outdoors. Retractable awning will give you more living space to rejoice in.

Our Product is Created For Your Satisfaction: Sunesta.

Sunlight can be harmful and distressing. It’s not recommended to stay in the sun for a long time but there are times when you still want to be outside. For those instances a retractable awning can be an efficient option and luckily for you, Solaris provides innovative & versatile products made by Sunesta. We guarantee you’ll love this products as much as we do. Here’s why:

Made For Your Well-Being.

We don’t offer whatever product is out there, we choose the best for you, that’s why with Sunesta you can get the the highest quality & latest technology adjusted to your needs.

Designed For Your Comfort.

Our main focus is that you can rely on a convenient product that fits your specific lifestyle and necessities. Sunesta offers a durable product so you don’t have to be constantly worried about it because you know its safe & strong. Their products are also boosted by numerous smart features for your complete satisfaction.

Retractable awning solutions Edmonton AB

Our Services Preserve Excellence: Retractable Awning Installations.

For Solaris, providing comfort also means that you’re getting professional services so that your retractable awning adds value not only to your property but also to your life. We want your safety and well-being to last, that’s why not only our products ensure durability, but also our installation process. We can install your retractable awning, rest assured it’ll be performed expertly. We also have installation warranties to further protect your investment.

With superb and comprehensive customer service through our 19 years of experience, Solaris continuously evolves and grows to better serve our clients in Edmonton, Alberta, aiming to deliver a custom result. We’ve chosen the best for you, now you can choose the best for yourself by working with us. Contact us now.