Premium Fixed Wall Screens

Stability, affordability, and quality combine with our fixed screen wall systems. With minimal cost and fuss, you can turn a porch or covered patio into an outdoor room that's free of unwanted insect guests without disrupting the interior or exterior look of your home. Our custom-built screen walls will blend seamlessly with your current structure for a built-in look that lets you focus on the view outside.

Fits ALL
Wall Types

Custom Fit
& Color


Features & Benefits

You shouldn’t have to choose between form and function. With the Phantom® Serene screen custom-built and professionally installed by Solaris, you don’t have to.

Signature Colors

Phantom retractable door screens come in eight ready-to-order Signature colors.

Classic White

Silvered Almond

Sandal Wood

Driftwood Beige

Hartford Green

Radeau Brown

Coastal Grey

Mineral Bronze

Phantom Block

Phantom’s retractable screens are also available in virtually any custom color can even be matched to your décor all you need to do is let us have a color swatch.

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