Ultra-Lite shutters

Enhance home security, achieve total privacy, and completely block light and heat from entering your windows with fully retractable Ultra-Lite Roll Shutters custom-fit and installed by the experienced professionals at Solaris. These aren't your traditional shade solutions, nor are they the industrial-looking security roll shutters you might expect to find on urban shop fronts. With customizable and design options, Ultra-Lite Roll Shutters will keep your home secure, stylish, and so much more. Solaris aims to provides Edmonton & Calgary with Roll Shutter solutions for their homes and businesses.

Features & Benefits

Whether you are looking to protect your home or business against vandals or weather, increase your energy efficiency or shut out the noise, roll shutters can provide a variety of benefits. With both manual and motorized operation available, you will also get the functionality you need.

Established in 1982,
We are Partnered with Some Of The Largest Manufactures in the World

We aim to use their products to provide Edmonton with Rollshutter security solutions. They are incredibly helpful energy-efficient solutions to provide your home or business with extra security. Ultra-Lite is the largest heavy automated manufacturer of Roll Shutters in North America. Every Roll Shutter is custom-built this allows us to fit your unique space.

  • Software for Dealers to build custom Roll Shutters in minutes.
  • Automated machinery to product curtains in record time.
  • Knowledgeable staff with years of experience.
  • Dealers with product knowledge and high ratings you can rely on.


Most acts of vandalism, home break-ins, and burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Ultra-Lite Roll Shutters, when down and locked in place, is an excellent crime deterrent. With multiple options to choose from, we’re certain we will find the right solution for your space.

UL LLC Certification

Our UL Certification is a certification against UL-325 on the electrical operating components of our Roll Shutters. We are proud to support our certification with our Certificate of Compliance and offer supporting documentation upon request.

Our facility is inspected regularly to make sure Ultra Lite meets the most specific and stringent factory inspection tests and verifies that your products are manufactured to the highest of standards.

All of our UL Certified products will have the appropriate signage and documentation so support the manufactured product. Making sure all manufacturing points are signed off and tested and supporting documentation is provided.

Ask about our UL Certification today!

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Ultra-Lite Security Options

Ultra-Lite provides three different security options: the Ultra-Protect System, the Ultra-Secure System, and the Ultra-Guard System.

The Ultra-Protect System is a Roll Shutter line that offers aesthetic appeal and doubles as an alternative to bars or grills over entries in a home or business. It is energy-efficient and acts as a deterrent- which makes it the perfect alternative. This is the perfect system to make a home or business feel and look more secure. This system provides an elegant curb appeal, up to 44% energy savings, advertising space, and prevents break-ins.

The Ultra-Secure System is Ultra-Lites Roll Shutter line that provides a more security-conscious appeal. It provides stronger weather protection and a strong level of security protection- all while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the Ultra-Protect System. This system uses the same Somfy motor we use on our motorized screens and awnings- we stick by it as it is a world leader in providing quality motor functions.

The Ultra-Guard System is built to provide Ultra-Lite’s strongest level of security. The Stainless Steel End Retention System provides extra strength and allows the shutters to lock into place providing a higher level of dependability. The Ultra-Guard System is ideal for the commercial user and provides businesses with aesthetic and security.

Solaris chooses to use Ultra-Lite to provide Edmonton with Roll Shutter Screen solutions because they provide a high-quality long-lasting product. We aim to provide a functional security system that also has an aesthetic appeal.

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