Somfy Motorization

Our awnings, screens, and shade solutions can greatly enhance the look of your outdoor areas, and a piece of Fire Pit Art® from artist Rick Wittrig can completely transform them. Imagine the magical warmth and camaraderie of a traditional fire pit turned up tenfold and you'll have an inkling of how these unique sculptural creations will transform your outdoor space.

Somfy Awning Lights

Extend the use of your awning with Somfy interated LED lights. These dimmable lights are connected through your awning’s motor and are operated with the same remote control as your awning. Create a warm, comfortable ambiance under your awning well into the evening.

What We Promise

We promise to use our experience and expertise to provide products and services unmatched by any others, keeping your house cool and insect free using innovations that reduce your eco-footprint. We are dedicated to introducing and providing industry-leading solutions that are not only functional; they will enhance your lifestyle and your home.

What We Do

It all starts with superior products and fantastic service. We’ve done our research and only bring the best and most innovative products to our clients – no exceptions. Our range of products can be combined in an infinite number of ways to create a solution that works for any home or business space. We’ll work with you to design a strategy to achieve that feeling, and keep your home looking great at the same time.

Somfy Solutions