How to maintain your Retractable Motorized Screens in the cold winter months

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Phantom Retractable Motorized Screens installed in Edmonton in the winter months

Since we’ve started offering  Phantom Motorized Screens in the Edmonton and Northern Alberta area, 14 years ago, we have installed hundreds of them, in different sizes and applications. Every year, when it gets cold, our customers ask us how to use and maintain their motorized screens. Because the Greater Edmonton region has longer and colder winters than most places, screens installed here often require more care. That is due to the effects of the prolonged below-freezing bouts on the motors and mesh function.

The Dangers of Alberta’s Harsh Winters for Motorized Screens

With the colder, wetter, and windier season approaching, we want to remind our customers of the best practices for maintaining their products.  Overall, to keep your investment safe, you should tuck away your Motorized screens into their protective housing when not in use. The main concern when leaving these screens down unattended is the risk of strong gusts of winds or icy conditions that come without warning. These weather events can end up limiting your motorized screens’ ability to properly or fully retract.

For that reason, if you generally leave your motorized screens down year-round, we recommend rethinking your approach and retracting them before conditions get too windy and/or too cold, as you may not be able to get your retractable screen safely tucked away before a damaging winter wind comes through. While it is unlikely for the wind to cause any rips on your mesh itself, it can push the mesh slightly out of the tracks, either leading to uneven rolling or the screen not being able to roll past a certain height. 

Service Calls for all Solaris-Installed Retractable Screens

Any motorized screen purchased from us at Solaris receives a 2-year labour warranty, from the date of install, that covers any service call. For the most part, service calls include adjusting mesh tensions and limits, cleaning tracks from the debris and lubricating the units. If your screens have been sticking or are not retracting properly, cease use and contact us immediately. While damage from improper and careless use is not covered under warranty, you can easily book any service call with our team with just a phone call or email

How to Care For Your Screens

But if you follow these care guidelines, you likely won’t have to worry. We recommend not having the motorized screens down in winds exceeding 40km/h ( or 25 mph), or when the temperature around your screen is below freezing (0◦C or 32◦F). Some of our customers like to use their motorized screens to retain heat in their outdoor spaces, as the season in Edmonton transitions from fall to winter and from winter to spring. But if the temperature goes below freezing, and you still want to use your screens, we highly advise adding a porch heater to your outdoor area to help maintain the heat in, as the temperature around your screen may not be equal to the temperature outside. While we don’t offer our own line of outdoor heaters, we recommend to all of our customers the Bromic Patio Heaters, as they offer a great range of products, from electric to gas, and from free standing to wall mounts. 

Takeaway: Plan Ahead and You’ll Avoid Any Problems

All in all, putting your motorized screen away well before any extreme and adverse weather comes through Edmonton, is the best way to reduce the risk of damage and unnecessary headaches. Maintaining motorized screens in winter is 

And if you’re still looking for a system that is built to cut down the wind and retain heat, a great option you can add to your space is our newly introduced Lumon Folding Glass System. Lumon Retractable glass can be paired with the Phantom Motorized Screens to create a wonderful weatherproof outdoor space, further enhancing the outdoor experience. You can request a quote or a free site visit on our website by filling out this contact form. You can also reach out to our team here if you have any questions or concerns.