Sunesta Awning

We provide retractable awnings in Edmonton to protect you from the strong Albertan summer sun. Awnings are a great way of expanding your living space while reducing your cooling costs. Our awnings can be mounted on walls, under the soffit, or on roofs.

The retractable awning is Sunesta’s flagship awning. It is one of the largest awnings on the market and has the ability to be built to large dimensions of up to 40’ width and 14’ 8” projection. Our awnings can be made motorized or manual- we want to provide what works best for you. Retractable awnings allow you to take full advantage of your patio- they can protect you during the hottest hours of the day, and be closed up when it starts to cool down. We aim to provide Edmonton with retractable awning shade solutions. We provide additional add-ons for our awnings to ensure you get exactly what you want from them: the wind motion sensor, the Sun Drop, encasings, and Smart Tilt.

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Sunstyle Awning

The top-selling Sunstyle is the most versatile awning available. Make sure your awning is creating the shade you want, when you want it. And because it's made by Sunesta, you know it has the strength to last! With unmatched service from Solaris, you'll be sure to have the best awning to suit your application. Your home will be cooler and more beautiful!

Up to 40' of your outside space and/or sun-facing windows can be shaded by the Sunstyle, and it can project as far as 11'6" from your home. There's plenty of room for lounging, playing, gardening, or any other activity enhanced by a little shade. With white, beige, clay, or brown frames available and more than 180 color options for your retractable awning's fabric, the Sunstyle has no trouble keeping up with your style.

When it comes to durability, Sunesta stands by the Sunstyle with warranties lasting 5 years on the motor, 10 years on the fabric, and 12 years on the retractable frame. Protective hardware covers and other features keep your awning working perfectly for years, and with Solaris awning maintenance you can extend your awning's lifespan even longer.

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Sunlight Awning

This tough awning will keep the sun off your seating area and windows, keeping you comfortable indoors and out. Like all Sunesta awnings, the Sunlight can be mounted on your wall, hung from the soffit, or perched on your roof, making sure you get shade where you want it! And, like the Sunesta and Sunstyle, the Sunlight comes with hundreds of fabric choices. Your awning will be a beautiful addition to your home - for many years to come! And backed up by the Solaris installation warranty, you'll never have to worry about how your awning will perform.

Widths up to 24' and the ability to project as far as 10' from your home gives the Sunlight ample shading potential for an intimate get-together around an outdoor table, shading a patio area for some simple outdoor enjoyment, or keeping the sun off a set of French doors so your house stays cool and glare-free. Over 180 fabric colors and your choice of white, beige, or clay-colored frame components will match any exterior decor you have going.

All of Sunesta's retractable awnings are backed by the company's warranties, and anything sold and installed by Solaris is something we happily provide maintenance services for. The Sunlight has a 5 year motor warranty and a 10 year warranty on the frame and fabric.

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Awning Maintenance

Our awnings are not only easy to operate, they're also easy to maintain. To start with, the location of your awning determines the frequency we recommend cleaning it. If your home is located inland, you should clean your awning twice a year. If you are on or near the ocean, you should clean your awning once a month due to the salt exposure.

  • To clean your awning, spray off loose debris and dirt with a water hose. For bird droppings and other attached residue, use warm water and a soft bristled scrub brush on the spot requiring attention before rinsing with your hose. After you have removed any loose dirt and/or residue, allow your awning to dry completely before coating with a rain repellent such as Scotch Guard.
  • If your awning fabric has tougher stains such as mildew, you can attempt to remove the stains with a mild soap, such as Ivory Snow or Woolite, with warm water and a soft bristled scrub brush. Avoid using any product with the word "detergent" in it. Again, only use a mild soap. After using the soap, rinse the awning thoroughly with water from your hose. Allow the awning to dry completely before coating the fabric with a rain repellent as mentioned previously.
  • Proper care for the frame of your awning includes rinsing it with water from your hose, wiping it down with a soft cloth and using a 100 percent silicone lubricant on all moving parts of the lateral awning. Again, the lubricant must be 100 percent silicone. Avoid using lubricants such as WD-40 as they will leave a residue and may stain your awning's fabric.
  • If the fabric is wet after a rainfall, let the awning dry out (2-3hrs) before retracting it. It is safe to roll up a wet awning for one or two nights, if there is continuous bad weather.
  • Do not use awning during a snowfall. A few snowflakes will not harm it but snow will accumulate and weigh down the awning.
  • Retract your awning during strong winds to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Executive Screen Maintenance

  • Executive screens should be watched during operation. Objects left under a motorized unit can prevent the unit from lowering and may damage the unit.
  • Mesh fabric and aluminum framing can be cleaned with water and a soft brush. A mild detergent like dish soap can be used, but do not use chemicals. After cleaning the mesh, allow it to dry before retracting the screen.
  • Interruption of power can affect motorized unit operation. Make sure power is still getting to the unit by checking circuit breakers and ground faults for resetting. Remotes also have a limited battery life so if the remote light does not come on when the buttons are pushed, the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Retract units during strong winds. Wind load may affect the ability of the unit to extend or retract. The screens should never be used solely to block wind.

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