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Keeping cool in our Calgary summer is an achievable goal, but doing so economically and with your ‘carbon footprint’ in mind is a much loftier goal. So how is this attainable?

The ‘go-to’ way for keeping your Calgary home cool on a hot Alberta summer day includes running an A/C unit, either alone or in conjunction with the use of a big fan. Easy, dial the desired temperature on the thermostat and ‘presto’ your large energy sucking A/C unit kicks in and, ‘Voila!’ Your Calgary home is cool. That was easy… but is it smart? Not really….

An A/C unit is effective but it also costs a great deal of money to run it frequently and to maintain a cooler inside temperature. So instead, let’s skip to ‘Plan B’ for keeping our cool in Calgary! Let’s forget an A/C unit and think of ways that we can cool the Calgary home that won't put a huge dent in your wallet or contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

A trick of the trade is to stop the heat ‘before’ it enters your Calgary home. Instead of cooling the heat that has managed to come into your Calgary home, let’s prevent it! Shading the home is the key! Solar shades installed on your Calgary home deflect the solar rays ‘before’ they enter your windows. Retractable awnings on the sunniest sides of your home. These awning applications can help shade your home and prevent the late afternoon and evening hot sun from entering your Calgary home. Turn off the potential oven you’ve created in your Calgary home before it happens!

Shade is a marvelous thing. Sitting under a big tree, lounging under a beach umbrella, wearing a big sun hat and sunglasses; all of these are examples of science in action. What do these things have in common? These applications follow the same principle. Stopping the Alberta sun ‘before’ it has a chance to get to you.

So why is it common practice to use an A/C unit to fight the heat ‘after’ it has entered your Calgary home? Isn’t that like buying a knife so that you can use your new first-aid kit? Or, eating the whole cake today because you plan on dieting tomorrow? Like my grandmother always said, “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” Prevention is key. Stopping heat before it gets started. Solaris Calgary: Retractable Awnings or Solar Shades The ‘green’ ounce of prevention so you don’t have to buy a pound of cure - money on purchasing, installing, maintaining and running an ‘energy guzzling’ A/C unit. Prevention makes more sense.

Solaris, for cool Calgarians!