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One of the fantastic things about Solaris screen and shade products is the ease of maintenance. As most of these products are stowed away for the winter, it’s a good idea to do a quick cleaning before the snow flies.

For retractable awnings, simply wipe the frame with a soft damp cloth. The fabric can be hosed off with regular water pressure – not pressure washed. If there are stubborn spots, like bird droppings, use a soft bristled brush, then hose off. If there is stubborn dirt, use a mild soap. Avoid using ‘detergent’ or other harsh cleaners.


To get easy access to your awning fabric, use the Smart Tilt option to lower the front bar of your open awning low to the ground/deck. If you do not have this option, you can tie your awning’s arms to the back bar while the awning is in a closed position. Then, with the arms securely locked in place, so that they cannot move, extend your awning. While the arms remain folded, the fabric will lower vertically to the ground/deck. You then have easy access to the fabric.

Once cleaned, keep the awning extended until dry, then retract for the winter. If you did not choose the Hood or Case option to protect your awning, you might want to purchase an after-market cover.

Your fixed or retractable screen products can use a quick clean as well. Clear out leaves and debris that may have accumulated in the tracks. Using a cloth or soft bristle brush, with a mild soap if needed, clean any dirt or stains on the screen. Once dry, the retractable screens can be rolled up where they will stay clean and safe for winter. Wipe down the tracks and frames with a damp cloth.

For any Solaris product that has moving parts, use only 100% silicon spray lubrication to ensure continued smooth, quiet operation.

Use the above guidelines for all your Solaris shade and screen products. Then, on that first warm and sunny day, your awning or screen will be clean and operating perfectly! You can find more maintenance tips here!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate contacting us. We love to hear from you!

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