The Insulating Power of Roll Shutters

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The Insulating Power of Roll Shutters

Security against vandals is one of the more common reasons for purchasing roll shutters. Roll shutters serve other purposes as well: closing off reception or kitchen counters, blacking out rooms, blocking noise, rain, snow and blowing debris.

Additionally, roll shutters significantly add to the R-value of your doors and windows. An independent test conducted by Inchcape Testing Services, show that a closed roll shutter can increase the insulation value of glass in windows and doors from R 2.1 to R 4.25. That more than doubles the insulation factor and presents a significant opportunity to reduce energy costs.

The test results showed that a Talius roll shutter made from Safe Mini slats applied onto a 27.5″ wide by 63″ tall PVC-frame window, had an “R” factor of 4.55 in cool weather (-8ºC), and a factor of 4.63 in cold weather (-35ºC). The double-glazed window had a base “R” value of 2.13 in cool weather and 2.10 in cold weather. The addition of the roll shutter more than doubled the insulation value of the window.

For comparison, other materials that provide the same 2.4 increase in R-value include:
0.9” thick fibre board
0.75” thick cork
0.6” thick fibreglass insulation
2.4” thick rigid PVC
1.2” thick cellular PVC
0.6” thick expanded polystyrene
0.5” thick extruded polyurethane foam
0.9” thick perlite
0.5” thick Polyisocyanurate
0.6” thick Polyisocyanurate composite
0.75” thick Polystyrene beadboard
0.75” thick Polystyrene composite board

Unlike these comparable materials, roll shutters look beautiful, and they are quickly retracted out of sight when not needed – either by simple manual operation or the push of a button! Contact Solaris to see how roll shutters can work for you!