Three Year Anniversary of the Legacy Phantom Screen

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Early 2015 will mark the third anniversary of the Legacy Phantom Screen. Introduced in 2012 as the second edition of the famous invisible screen (the first being the Professional), the Legacy took North America by storm and continues to do so three years later.

So, what makes this model so special? The difference between the Professional and Legacy is that the Legacy has a latching handle as opposed to the original magnets. When in operation, the mechanism inside the slide bar will latch into barely noticeable catch sets on the top and bottom of your unit. To release the door, simply press the small silver lever of the handle with your thumb, and the screen door will release and retract out of sight.


Legacy Screen Handle

Why did Phantom Screens introduce this model when the original was already loved by many? Well, partially to stay competitive in an ever changing market, but also to adapt to its customer’s needs. There are two main benefits of the Legacy model that stand out for our customers:

  1. Easy operation. Instead of tugging on the handle to get it to release from magnets, the latch is simple to use for all ages. Opening with the quick press of the lever, it is also a lot less likely that the handle will slip out of someone’s hands and slam back accidentally.
  2. Free from unintentional openings. Since the Legacy is physically latched into place, if pets or children are pushing on the mesh, or the screen is located in a windy area, it will not unintentionally snap back like a magnetic operation could.

So, which screen is best for you? There is a minimal cost difference between the two so with a few added benefits, the Legacy is a terrific choice. We would recommend this model for any of our customers- but specifically those who have pets, children, or seniors, or would be located in a windy/high traffic area. However, if you have had the Professional in previous homes and prefer the tried and true, this model is still available as well.

If you are still unsure about which model to go with, visit the Phantom Screens webpage for additional info. You can also visit our showroom and try out our display models, which ultimately is the best way to ensure the Phantom Screen is right for your home.