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Phantom® Retractable Door Screens

There when you want it and rolled up, out of sight, when you don't, Phantom Screens® is the industry leader in retractable screening. This screen doesn't hide your beautiful door and rolls away when not in use.


Phantom® Retractable Window Screens

Our retractable window screens can be designed to fit a variety of windows, making them a seamless add-on to your home. Simply roll them away when not in use.


Phantom® Retractable Motorized Wall Screens

Create your perfect indoor or outdoor space with the push of the bottom. Phantom Screens gives you control over your space to block bugs, wind, sun.


Fixed Screen Wall Systems

Stability, affordability, and quality combine with our fixed screen wall systems. With minimal cost and fuss, you can turn a porch or covered patio into an outdoor.


Screen Panel Service

Solaris provides Edmonton Screen services. We are able to repair most window screen panels and door panels. We can replace the mesh or supply a new screen depending on the condition of the existing screen panel. Our shop is located on the south-side of Edmonton at 9337 63 Ave NW.


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Providing Screen Solutions in Alberta

Solaris is a leading provider of screens in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our screens are designed to prevent insects from entering your indoor and outdoor living spaces, provide shade from the direct glare of sunlight and enhance your privacy.

Solaris custom-built fixed screens bring stability, affordability, and quality together to turn your porch or covered patio into an outdoor room protected from bugs, wind-blown debris, and sun. We blend these screens seamlessly into your current structure to look beautiful from the outside and invisible from the inside. Every screen wall that we install is carefully measured and custom-built precisely for your space. We have a variety of options for frame colours and mesh weaves to fit in with your decor and work with your needs.

Phantom Screens give you peace of mind, whether you have one of our screened doors, window screens, or motorized screens. Solaris has the Edmonton area covered.


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